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Best Strategies in Affiliate Marketing

Top 3 Best Strategies in Affiliate Marketing

I think there are three best strategies to becoming a good affiliate marketer. Obviously the best is to implement these three strategies in everything you do as an affiliate marketer.

  1. Be Relevant
  2. Add Value
  3. Funnelize

Be Relevant in Affiliate Marketing

There are tons of books, videos and blogs out there about affiliate marketing. And I guess what it mainly boils down to is, being relevant. Your content should of course reflect the Niche market your pursuing, and be relevant to that subject. So should your affiliate ads and links be relevant to the subject matter.

If you have become an affiliate to let´s say a big player like Amazon.com, then there are tons of niches you could pursue. Best practice is to target the niche you´ve chosen with targeted affiliate material that is relevant to this niche. If you e.g. have an niche site about the best movies ever made, you could very well incorporate in this site affiliate ads about TV´s, DVDs, Games and Books etc… And you would be less succesful advertising the newest coffee brand or HP Printer.

You can be slightly off relevancy, it hasn´t have to be exactly to the point. Because there are surely a lot of people who visit your site that are also interested in relating markets and products. A person who visits a site about the best movies ever made, is more likely to buy a big ultra hd TV to watch all his favorite movie DVDs on.

Add Value in Affiliate Marketing

Besides being relevant, your content better add Value for your visitors. Visitors aren´t all that stupid, and they will quickly see through your website if it is overdone with affiliate ads and links. And it ultimately doesn´t give them a sense of added value.

Added Value can be anything from summarizing lists, great videos, tutorials, how to´s, comparison pages, contests and so on and on… Ultimately you do not want your visitor to have a bad experience on your site, and never come back. A bonus for this added value is that it is very shareable. So don´t forget to make your content socialy sharable. So it attracts links, likes and plusses as well.

Funnelize to convert better

With Funnelize I mean setting up your website in such a manner that the visitor is gradually motioned to these parts of your website where you can monetize his natural interest. This somewhat obscured natural path to a conversion is called a Funnel. The best ending of this Funnel should always be an affiliate conversion.

You do this by not banging the affiliate links and ads in his or her face, but rather showing these ads as a solution to his questions regarding your niche.  Your visitor is desparately looking for the best cup of coffe there is and here you are with your coffee niche site telling him exactly through a great product review which coffeebrand is best and where to buy it.

If you look at Affiliate marketing in this way, it isn´t all that negative anymore and you can actually help a person find what he is looking for. So it is much more a case of you being the online salesman or agent for your affiliate merchant. If you handle in this manner you are also much less likely to break the rules and webmaster guidelines of Google.

Robert Wiebenga