SEA – Search Engine Advertising

Search Advertising – In Internet Marketing, Search Advertising is a method of placing online advertisements on Web pages that show results from search engine queries. Through the same search-engine advertising services, ads can also be placed on Web pages with other published. – source: Wikipedia


 Search Engine Advertising

SEA can be divided in separate areas. Such as advertising with text ads,  display ads, multimedia ads and even video ads . I mostly narrow my scope down to Google in this Blog, but ofcourse there are also possibilities for advertising on other Search Engines such as Bing, Yahoo! and others still.

Google AdWords

Running all kinds of these ads can be possible for anyone signing up for a Google Adwords account. Certain requirements ofcourse differ depending on the locality of your residence. But most important for Google is that you accept their Guidelines and abide by their rules regarding Search Engine Ads. Once you have gotten all bureaucratic details, like payment details (paying with creditcard, or some other way and paying before or after the ad service by google) out of the way, you can be running ads on Google in no time.

Text ads

Text ads have a very recognisable format.
First you have the title max. characters 25. Below that you have an url adress. And a first and second line of max. 35 characters of ad space.

Display ads

Anyone familiar with Google Adsense will know this already. There are a lot of Advertising formats for display ads. Some of the most popular ones (recommended by Google themselves) are:

300×600 px  Big Skyscraper

336×280 px  Big Rectangle

300×250 px  Medium Rectangle

728×90 px  Leaderboard

320×100 px  Large Banner for Mobile

Display ads are shown on Googles Display network. This is a network of WebPublishers selling adspace on their sites to Google to show Displayads. You can become a part of their displaynetwork, by signing up for an account for Adsense. There is no guarantee that Google will accept you, and ofcourse you will have to abide to many rules set by Google to displaying their ads.

Multimedia ads

Also rich format ads, are those slik movie ads you nowaday see, with an animated piece of advertising mostly followed by a textual. Its visualy very attractive.

Video ads

With these I mean ads showing up on Youtube video’s. To be able to show this kind of ads on youtube, you have to once more, through your adwords account, request for permission to advertise in this way. Bear in mind that Youtube is the 2nd largest Search Engine right after its owner Google. And Youtube is rapidly changing the field of TV Broadcasting, with a majority of youth spending more time on Youtube than watching Television.

SEA Best Practices

There ofcourse are 1001 ways to advertise on Google Adwords, and some will be better than others. Important to remember with Search Engine Advertising is the goals you seek to achieve with it. Building up new clients. More website traffic. More Brand awareness. All these different goals ask for a different approach in your advertisement campaign.

Equally important is to not forget a golden rule. Search Engine Advertising should not be costing you money in the long run. Sure there will be some first costs, setting up your campaigns, getting the hang of Adwords. But ultimately your Ads need to convert and be worth every dollar spend, and hopefully be worth a lot more in converting customers and more brand awareness.

In my Blog about SEA there will be al lot of posts on SEA related subjects, such as Conversion Rates, CTR’s, KPI’s, SEO, landing pages and so on and on. I will share with you whatever I find important or relevant enough regarding this topic.

I hope you really enjoy this blog and will do up some great ideas on how to set up your own campaigns.

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Robert Wiebenga