I understand that the field of SEA and SEO is much too diverse to capture in one summary of links, but I’ll give it a go anyway. For my own learning curve I found these sites and or books to be very handy. Hope you get inspired by them also.


Links: Great site for both amateur and professional seo specialist. Great free seo-guide. A Lot of seo tips and trics, and great background information.
Tools Great SEO site, nice community to be a part of. Free seo toolbar and more, lots of tips and trics. Great tools for SEO and SEA and lots more. In my opinion still one of the best there is. Amongst others a Free seo toolbar for Chrome. Superb tools for link analyses, link building and lots more. Affordable link building tools.
Web Analytics Free Web Analytics from Google. More free Analytics from Google. Some bedtime reading. Keep up with the trends on Google. Web Analytics from Bing by Microsoft.
Search Engines #1 Search Engine Worldwide. #2 Search Engine. Another Search Engine also by Microsoft. One more. Some independant Information on Search Engines.