Robert Wiebenga - SEO and SEA
Robert Wiebenga – SEO professional

Hi my name is Robert Wiebenga.

I am a self-taught SEO. Originally I come from the field of Finance. I founded my company seo-resq out of sheer passion. A passion to optimize a website to it’s full potential.

Sea-resq is the part of my company seo-resq, that fully specializes in making money online. First and Foremost through Search Engine Advertising SEA, but also through Affiliate Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Search Engine Optimization and displaying Ads on your Site. (e.g. AdSense).

I am a strong supporter of people like Perry Marshall. His Online Advertising Motto: “One Dollar in, Two Dollars out (or more).” In other words Online Advertising should bottomline make you money and not cost you.

I hope you enjoy my site and blogs. The site is not quite finished, so meanwhile Please visit www.seo-resq.com .